Do Not Order Flowers via

The Bottom Line

For Valentine's Day 2012, I ordered 8 different flower orders via Teleflora. One order was not delivered on Valentine's day. Teleflora was unwilling to lose 4% ($30) of the total order and made my Aunt cry, probably.

The Background

Chicks like flowers. I do not know why. If you want to find out how much they like flowers, try not sending them any on Valentine's day.

So, on Valetine's day, I like to take care of the women in my life. I will fully admit; I go a bit overboard. I have a lot of people to buy for. A wife, a sister, 2 aunts, a mother, a mother-in-law, a step-mother-in-law, and a grandmother. (And this year I plan to add a grandmother-in-law.)

Last year, with Teleflora, I spent $739.35 on flowers.

(Yes, on plants. That will die in a week.)
All orders were placed online, and made on February 10, 2012.

The Aunt Crying Part

One of my orders, to my aunt in Florida, was not delivered.  It was odd, because she lives with my Grandmother, and my Grandmother received the flowers I ordered for her.

I Called Teleflora to complain.  I received the standard “We are very busy on Valentine’s Day and we will see to it that this is fixed.”  I was told that they would attempt to re-deliver the flowers and they would call my aunt to schedule re-delivery.  They said they would give me a 50% discount on her order.  I told them that the point of ordering flowers for Valentine’s day was that she receive the flowers ON ACTUAL VALENTINE’S DAY.  I strongly suggested that the flowers be redelivered and that I receive a full refund on her order.  She told me would do that, and thanked me for my business.

Full day went by, and no attempt to contact my aunt for redelivery made by Teleflora.  I emailed their customer service department. [Send them a note if you want!]  I got the standard auto-generate response:

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 6:15 PM, <> wrote:
Dear Jason:
Thank you for contacting This message is to confirm that we have received your email and are researching your inquiry. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.
Your Teleflora Customer Service Team

Nine days had passed. 
My aunt was never contacted. 
I was never contacted. 
Then I got this email.

On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 5:24 PM, <> wrote:
Hello Jason,
Thank you for contacting Teleflora.
I'm so sorry that the arrangement for Kathleen was not delivered. Your order has been set for delivery with a note of apology for 2/24/12 and a 40% Refund has been issued. Please allow your financial institution 2-10 business days to post this credit.
Teleflora's goal is to provide excellent service and we apologize that we fell short on this order.
Ashley W

My Aunt received replacement flowers and a note of apology.
Customer Service called me to follow up.  I told them this does not satisfy me.  I explained to the representative:

  1. My Aunt was never called to schedule delivery, as stated on 2/15/2012.
  2. The refund was supposed to be 100% of her order, not 40%, as stated on 2/15/2012.

The representative informed me that if I wanted a 100% refund, they would have to pick up the flowers.  So I told him to do it.

Teleflora contacted the local flower company and they picked up my Aunt’s day old flowers.  And then she cried, probably.

The Math

  Total Flowers Purchased $739.35
  My Aunt's Order Price $58.95

Since originally, they were willing to give me a 50% discount on her order, that means, they were already willing to concede $29.48.  I wanted them to concede another $29.48 to keep me as a customer.

$29.48 is 3.9% of my Total Order of $739.35.

The Summary

Because they made my aunt cry, please use anyone else other than Teleflora when ordering flowers this Valentine's day.

My best flower advice; order by 02/08/2013, and order directly from a local flower shop.